Bad Decisions

Galatians 4:22-25 / Genesis 16 

“Following After the Flesh”

What happens when we live after the flesh

   Matt 26:41 ….but the flesh is weak

*Patience of the flesh

   a. None – flesh has no patience Gen.16:1-2 

   b. Acted while discouraged verse 2 “the Lord harsh restrained me”

   c. She may have felt guilty that she couldn’t have children – thought she had to fix it herself 

   d. Prov. 12:15 

   e. Prov. 28:26

   f. Sometimes we listen to those close to us to justify our impatience – Abram knew the promise – He should have said no

*Priority of the flesh

   a. Taking care of number one 

   b. Verse 2 she starts out blaming God-the Lord hath retrained me

   c. Verse 5 my wrong be upon thee 

   d. Verse 6 Abram tries to wash his hands of it 

*Pain of the flesh 

   a. Flesh doesn’t care who gets hurt-the innocent suffer 

   b. Sarai takes her frustration out on Hagar v.6

   c. Hagar has to leave

   d. Hagar has to submit to Sarai v.9 

*Planning of the flesh

   a. The flesh doesn’t plan for the future, just the present- what’s quick and easy 

   b. She thought I just want a baby, not thinking of the repercussions 

   c. Verse 12 – Ishmael was a wild man 

   d. Gal 4:24-25 bondage with her children 

   e. She may have thought only this once, it will be only one child – Ishmael’s descendants  

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