Singing in our Prison

Singing In Our Prison 

Acts 16:16-34.  *v.25

*Beaten v.22

   a. Because of their Preaching                          v17 ..which show unto us the way of Salvation, 

      v.18 in the name of Jesus, Paul cast the spirit out 

      v.20 do exceedingly trouble our city,

   b. Because of the People v.21 they didn’t like it that they were doing things against what they were used to 

   c. Because of those in Power v.22 and the magistrates (we wrestle not against flesh and blood) it’s who is behind it all 


   a. In the depths v.24 inner prison

   b. In the dark v.25 at midnight 

*Blessed v.26-34

   a. Set free v.26 and everyone’s bands were loosed 

   b. Serve v.28-32 they served by not being selfish and fleeing, and by preaching the gospel to the keeper of the prison and all that were in the house 

   c. Satisfied v.33-34 the keeper washed their strips and cleaned them up, and set me before them, fed them – even in our trials, it pays to serve the Lord. He will never leave nor forsake us! 

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