There’s Still Room

“And yet there is room”

Luke 14:16-23 

The Master’s servant was told to go invite the guest. They begin to give excuses of why they could not come. The master didn’t lose any time, rather invited those that were in need. We don’t need to get discouraged about the ones that say no, yet go to the ones that could say yes.

Go Now v.21 – go quickly 

   a. He didn’t spend his time and energy on those who didn’t want it

   b. There was a command to go

Go to the Needy v21 – bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind.

   a. The servant was sent to the needy

   b. The servant didn’t argue about who he was sent to v.22

Go for Necessity v.22 – and yet there is room

   a. There are many who still haven’t heard 

   b. He wants His house full v.23 – that my house may be filled.

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