Deliverance of a Mad Man

The Deliverance of a Mad Man

Mark 5:1-20 

His Condition

    a. Where he lived-the tombs

        Eph 2:1-5 “dead in trespasses and sins”

        John 3:19 “men loved darkness”

    b. How he lived

        John 8:34 “servant of sin”

          • uncontrollable

          • cutting himself

          • naked

          • in fear

          • for a long time- Luke 8:27

His Cure

    a. He met Jesus – John 8:32-36 “free indeed”

          • he was tamed

          • he was clothed

          • in his right mind 

          • sitting at the feet of Jesus – Luke 8:35

          • no longer afraid, wanted to be with Jesus

His Commission

    a. Jesus told him to tell his friends

    b. His own house

    c. The whole city – Luke 8:39 

If God can deliver a mad man, then He can deliver you! 

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