A Memorial to the World

Joshua 4:24  A Memorial to the World 

   * Reason for the Stones– His message

        a. v.24 that all the people of the earth might know

        b. v.2 out of every tribe a man – God wanted a stone representing every tribe(God has always been a for all the world God)

        c. v.6-7 for a Memorial forever 

        d. v.21-23 let your children know what God has done – do we have stories of God’s power in our lives?

   * Rescuing Savior– His might

        a. v.24 might know the hand of the LORD, that it is mighty

        b. Opened up the river Jordan – passage 

        c. Safely crossed – protection 

        d. Salvation provided – provision 

        e. Zephaniah 3:17  

   *Reverence for the Sovereign– His majesty 

        a. v. 24 that ye might fear the LORD your God

        b. We fear/reverence Him because of who He is ( the LORD – His Position, your – He’s personal, God – His power 

        c. We fear/reverence Him for what He has done – out of Egypt, – deliverance, across the Jordan – Direction, and eventually into the promised land – delight 

        d. Psalm 111:10 beginning of wisdom

            Prov 10:27 prolongs life

            Prov 14:27 Fountain of life 

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