Psalm 124:1-8 The Lord is on Our Side

David is writing of an account of God‘s deliverance from evil. It is unclear exactly what is going on, whether an outside enemy attacking them or men from the inside. What is clear is they were under attack and whomever it was, was out for blood. David reminds his people that they had been delivered and it was God who had accomplished it.  

*Description of evil

   a. Men rose up against them

   b. Wrath kindled against them

   c. Waves and waters of wrath/anger

   d. Verse 5 proud or arrogant waters 

*Downtrodden escaped 

   a. Downtrodden = oppressed  or treated badly by people in power

   b. Escaped from teeth 

   c. Escaped like a bird = freedom 

   d. He broke the snare 

*Deliverer exalted

   a. If it had not been the Lord

   b. Blessed be the Lord v. 6

   c. Our help is in the name of the Lord v. 8

   d. who made heaven and earth = our creator God 

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