It’s good to remember

Here’s a sketch of an outline, hope it’s a blessing.

Call to Remembrance
2 Timothy 4:9-18

In 2 Timothy 4 Paul:
*Charges Timothy verses 1-2,&5

*Cautions Timothy verses 3-4

*Challenges Timothy verses 6-8

*Calls Timothy verses 9-18
Calls him to remember that
a. All will not stay faithful v. 10, 16
b. All that have problems are not necessarily a problem v. 11 ( Acts 15:36-39 Paul thinks John Mark is a quitter and doesn’t want to take him, Barnabas gives Mark a shot) ( Barnabas gave Paul a shot in the beginning but Paul didn’t want to give John Mark a shot till now in 2 Timothy. We need to remember that someone gave us a shot and we need to be willing to give others that same chance even when they mess up.)
c. All won’t be for you v. 14-15
d. All the strength for the ministry comes from the Lord v. 17-18

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