Taking Jesus at His Word

We all get advice from people, everyone has an opinion. The most sound wisdom we can ever adhere to is what comes from Jesus Himself. Here in Luke, some weary fisherman learn to trust in what Christ says, no matter how uncomfortable or against the mainstream it seems.

Luke 5:1-11

“Taking Jesus at His Word” verse 5, nevertheless at thy word…..

*Forget the past – toiled all the night and have taken nothing
a. Failures
b. Fears
c. Foes

*Fight with a passion – verse 6-7 the nets brake and they called others to help
a. Not to lose any – fish/souls
b. All are important – not His will that any should perish

*Forsake our possessions – verse 11, they forsook all
a. Their priorities changed
b. Their position changed – verse 8, he fell down at Jesus’ knees saying, I am a sinful man

*Follow in the present – verse 11, and followed Him
a. Joy to be received – men being saved
b. Journey to be taken – go to where they are
c. Jesus to be glorified – served

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